Russian condensed milk

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  • Russian milk chocolate Alionka Chocolate «Alionka»
    Famous Russian milk chocolate that produces since 1966. Real classic! Everyone should taste it!
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  • Condensed milk from Russia Condensed milk
    Condensed milk from Russia - delicious product, good with coffee and by itself
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  • Granulated Ivan Chai Granulated Ivan Chai
    Totally fermented Ivan Chai with a really dark infusion color and a strong taste!
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  • Snails - russian PuErh from Ivan Chai Snails (Russian PuErh)
    This rare and unique variety of tea produced on technology, similar to the Chinese raw Pu-Erh tea.
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  • Russian chocolates Mishka kosolapyj Mishka kosolapyj
    Well known chocolates made from delicate praline with grated almonds between vanilla wafers.
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  • Traditional Ivan Chai Traditional Ivan Chai
    Tradition russian tea Ivan Chai. Suitable for people who have never tried Russian tea.
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  • Green Ivan Chai Green Ivan Chai
    Russian tea, that was not fermented - pure taste of Ivan chai plant!
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  • Maisky Ivan Chai Maisky Ivan Chai
    This tea produced in May of the first germs of Ivan tea. Harvesting is done before the buds.
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  • Russian dark chocolate Vdohnovenie classic («Artpassion») Vdohnovenie
    Premium quality dark chocolate with crushed hazelnut. A good gift for friends or co-workers
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  • White bear - large leaf Ivan chai with flowers White bear Ivan Chai
    Russian tea from the heart of Siberia. Made from selected leaves with the addition of dried flowers.
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  • Pine cones Jam Cones Jam
    Very interesting product made of young pine cones that are fully eatable.
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  • Dark chocolate Rossiisky - rossija shhedraja dusha Chocolate «Rossiisky»
    Dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa. For true connoisseurs of Russian dark chocolate
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About our russian store

Hello, dear customer! Nice to see you in our russian store!

In our store we’ve tried to collect traditional products from Russia and really rare and unique Russian products. So, now you can buy a traditional Russian garnish buckwheat and pearl barley, red caviar. Now aviable a huge amount of Russian chocolate, candys and condensed milk. Also here you can find really unique products, such as pine cones jam or tea Ivan Chai. These products even hard to find in Russia!

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We ship our products worldwide. So, if you’re living in Canada, USA or Australia — it’s not a problem for us. All parcels shipping by RussianPost company. After shipping out we’ll send you postal tracking number, by which you’ll can track your parcel. We process orders within 3 business days. Shipping usually takes about 15-25 days.

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