Fireweed tea

Russian Pu'er with unique taste and amazing flavour

Fireweed tea «Snails»

This rare and unique type of Fireweed tea is produced using a technology similar to Chinese raw Pu'er tea. This type of tea is hard to find even in Russia, so don't miss your chance to try it!
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  • dried leaves of Fireweed grass
What is the uniqueness of this Fireweed tea type?
It's all about a special way of fermentation. The technology was borrowed from Chinese masters produsing the famous Pu'er tea. Despite the similarity in the fermentation processes, the Snails Fireweed tea retains all the useful properties and trace elements. At the same time, the unique taste of Snails Ivan tea subjected to such fermentation becomes more saturated. The aroma of the prepared drink acquires unique notes of prunes.
How to prepare this type of Fireweed tea properly?
We recommend you to rinse the tea leaves with boiling water before cooking - this will help to better reveal the taste of the drink. To make a unique Russian Pu'er, you need only one "snail" per 500 ml of water. While brewing, the snail will open and expand in the teapot, giving you all its taste, aroma and useful properties. Despite the relatively small amount of tea, the drink will be rich and delicious.
You can add other herbals or some sugar for taste.

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