Why your next cup should be with Fireweed tea

This drink has become a traditional medicine in Russia for a reason:
it contains many useful microelements - let's look at some of them.
In our first Tea diary entry, we would like to let you know why you should add Fireweed tea to your tea collection.
The main reason why this drink has become a traditional Russian remedy is that it’s rich in vitamins and microelements. Let’s have a look at some of them below.
Vitamin A
High levels of this vitamin keep our eyesight, hormone levels and metabolic system under control.
B-vitamins and Magnesium (Mg)
Fireweed tea is also rich in vitamin B family as well as magnesium. These help with fighting stress, regulating digestion and metabolism. Their sufficient use will support your immune system, help get rid of the headache and reduce the risk of diabetes.
Barrett Baker
Vitamin C
Fireweed tea contains 3 times more of it than any lemon or orange. Few people know that our body can’t accumulate this vitamin. That is why it’s extremely important to receive it additionally on a constant basis - and there is no better way to prevent a shortage than to enjoy a cup of aromatic tea.
Tannins and Pectins
Have anti-inflammatory properties, and also help to eliminate toxins from the body. Isn’t it a good enough reason to put the kettle on?
Copper (Cu) and Manganese (Mn)
These two are vital in combating anemia, and also supporting the work of spleen and liver. Your bones and memory will be grateful for that.
The main difference of Fireweed tea from black tea is that it doesn’t contain caffeine, oxalic acid, and purine bases, which can cause dependence, increase pressure, and also worsen the condition of blood vessels.
This and all of the above makes Fireweed tea a popular beverage among people choosing a healthy lifestyle.
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