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Tea Diary

We would like you to be able to appreciate the unique taste of our tea,
as well as learn something new and interesting.
In our tea diary we will share with you the stories of creating Russian sweets, tell you more about the useful properties of Fireweed tea,
reveal the secret recipes of traditional Russian dishes,
as well as tell you about the traditions and customs of our country.
Why your next cup should be with Fireweed tea
Why your next cup should be with Fireweed tea
This drink has become a traditional medicine in Russia for a reason:
it contains many useful microelements - let's look at some of them.
What’s the story behind Fireweed tea name?
What’s the story behind Fireweed tea name?
Perhaps you have already wondered about the interesting name of this tea drink? Even for most Russians, the origin of the name remains a mystery.
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