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Traditional Russian Tea -
Ivan Chai

Experience the healing power of traditional Russian tea.
Ivan Chai filled not only with useful vitamins and trace elements,
but also has a unique taste - you'll feel the warmth
of the summer day and a flavour of meadow flowers.
Russian Pu'er with unique taste and amazing flavour
Try the fresh taste of the first Fireweed tea germs
Try traditional tea from the heart of Siberia
Perfect choice for those who have never tried traditional Fireweed tea
Experience the pure taste of Green Fireweed tea without fermentation
Totally fermented with a really dark infusion color and a strong taste!

Traditional Russian marshmallow

Try a unique Russian marshmallow - prepared according to an old recipe, the dessert consists only of natural ingredients.
Treat yourself to the natural sweetness of eco-friendly fruits and berries - without added sugar.
Try the unique taste of Russian marshmallow without breaking your diet
Try the unique taste of Russian marshmallow without breaking your diet
Try the unique taste of Russian marshmallow without breaking your diet
Try the unique taste of Russian marshmallow without breaking your diet
What is the traditional Russian tea - Ivan Chai?
Not everyone knows, but in Russia produced a unique tea. Our tea is made from wild grass called Ivan Chai.

Ivan Chai (or Koporye tea, or Russian tea) is a traditional Russian drink from 12th century. Before 1917 Russian tea was produced in large quantities and exported to many countries, such as England and China, but in Soviet times has been superseded out of the market by cheaper Indian tea. In Soviet times this Ivan Chai was practically not produced , but now he has found a second life. Now Ivan Chai produced in various parts of Russia, mainly in the village of Koporye (near St. Petersburg), which was born and production technology, as well as in various regions of Siberia and Altai.

Technology of production of Russian tea is very similar to the production technology of Chinese tea: at first we collect leaves of young plants, leaves little dried and heavily mauled to separate the juice to start process of natural fermentation. Then the leaves are laid out on the mat, tightly wound into a large roll and left in the sun for one to two days for fermentation. After that, the tea dries in an oven to obtain the finished product.

Ready tea has a pleasant aroma and fresh, slightly tart taste.

In contrast to Chinese tea the Russian tea does not contain caffeine - tea has a calming effect, it's good to drink before sleeping, it's not make an addiction like a regular tea.

The Koporye tea contains a lot of nutrients - vitamin A, which is very useful for vision, tannins that slow the aging process, as well as a lot of vitamin C, so it's a good remedy for colds.

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