White bear
Ivan Chai

Try traditional tea from the heart of Siberia

White bear Ivan Chai

Russian tea from the heart of Siberia. Made from selected leaves with the addition of dried flowers.
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  • dried leaves and flowers of Ivan Chai grass
What is the uniqueness of this Ivan Chai type?
White bear Ivan Chai differs from others in its unique origin and unusual composition. Tea harvesting takes place in the heart of Siberia - Krasnoyarsk region, far from big cities, in the ecologically clean Mansky district. This area is well known for its unique areas of inanimate nature - it is home to rare fauna species. White bear Ivan Chai consists not only of fermented leaves, but also contains fragrant Ivan Chai flowers. So that is why the White bear Ivan Chai acquires an unusual aroma and taste - it is the taste of the Siberia heart.
How to prepare this type of Ivan Chai properly?
We recommend you to rinse the tea leaves with boiling water before cooking - this will help to better reveal the taste of the drink. In order to truly appreciate the taste of real Siberian tea, it is necessary to brew the drink for 5-7 minutes in the proportion of 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water.
You can add other herbals or some sugar for taste.

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