Russian marshmallow
made of apples

Try the unique taste of Russian marshmallow without breaking your diet

Russian marshmallow with apple taste

Unique Russian marshmallow made of apples will give you real pleasure over a cup of aromatic tea - without extra calories.
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  • apple pulp
  • egg white (dry)

What is so special about Russian marshmallow?

In the modern world, products with useful properties and pleasant taste are of particular value.

Marshmallow (or pastille) is a traditional Russian delicacy. Made according to an old recipe, light and airy pastille melts in your mouth.

The pastille is made with just two completely natural ingredients - egg white and apple pulp. Unlike most types of marshmallows we are familiar with, there is no extra sugar added in Russian marshmallows - anyone can afford such a natural sweetness.

7 reasons to try Russian marshmallow

  1. Natural composition
  2. only two ingridients: egg white and apple pulp

  3. Bright taste
  4. of "Antonovka" apples

  5. Low calorie
  6. 212.2 kcal per 100 g

  7. Pleasant aroma
  8. of sweet apples

  9. Airy and soft consistency
  10. that literally melts in your mouth

  11. No extra sugar
  12. only natural sweetness

  13. Contains pectin
  14. which has a beneficial effect on the human body

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